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  • ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science.
    First English-Vietnamese Edition. [Cover title only]
  • The Concise AACR2, 1988. (PDF) New
    Bo Quy Tac Bien Muc Anh-My Rut Gon, 1988, an ban tieng Viet.
    First Vietnamese Edition. [Cover title only]
  • A bibliography of Overseas Vietnamese Periodicals & Newspapers
    *A comprehensive compilation of the Vietnamese
    Periodicals and Newspapers in 20 years of overseas.
    [Cover title only]
  • Cong-Nghe Thong Tin (in Vietnamese). VPS; VNI; PDF
  • Dictionary collection (in Vietnamese)
  • First LEAF-VN minutes
  • Gioi Thieu Bang Phan Loai Thap Phan Dewey
  • Integration of Information Science into Library Education Programs
    in Vietnam and Some Asian Countries .
  • International Health Sciences Librarianship
  • Library Development in Vietnam:
    Urgent needs for Standardization.
  • Two Weeks in Vietnam :
    Making Some Contributions To and Witnessing Some Aspects of Library Development
  • Quy Tac Bien Muc Rut Gon (Concise AACR2)(Unicode font)
  • Van De Phat Trien TV tai VN: Chuan Hoa la Dieu Khan Thiet Nhat
    (Unicode font)
  • Hoang Ngoc Huu
  • Vinh-The Lam,
  • Weather forecast for Vietnam:
    realtime forecasting

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