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  • Hoi Thao ve DDC
    Hanoi, Mar 17th, 2000

  • Hoi Nghi Lien Hiep
  • Ket Luan
    Hoi Thao Dich Dewey
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    Pham The Khang, Director of Library Department,
    Ministry of Culture and Information, Vietnam

    Dear Delegates,

    At our morning meeting, the delegates listened to 15 ideas presented by 13 delegates. Many great ideas were presented from the leaders in the library field from all of the library systems in Vietnam, including the Public Library System, the Armed Forces Library System, the School Library System (High School and University library system) and Library System of the Information Centers. The ideas of the three key translators of the different classification systems being used in our libraries, (the Trung Tieu Hinh Classification [Chinese], the BBK Classification [Russian] and the UDC [Universal Decimal Classification]), were especially important.

    In summary, the consensus was:

    1. The majority agreed that the translation and application of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) for Vietnam should be carried out as soon as possible. One member, though not opposing to this task itself, suggested that more time be given to investigate the issue more thoroughly.

    The delegates suggested that the translation of DDC be based on the following criteria:

    1.1. The Vietnamese libraries need to be connected with the other libraries in the world via the Internet. Many libraries in the world are now using the DDC (more than 200,000 libraries in 135 countries), and the Vietnamese libraries should use the same DDC in their practice. This will prepare our Vietnamese libraries for the future.

    1.2. The usage of the DDC is the international trend. For many reasons, the library classification systems being used in Vietnamese libraries are not up-to-date, and can no longer be expanded. It is necessary to develop the application of the DDC to our organization of library materials at the beginning of the 21st century. It will mark an historical event for library development in Vietnam.

    1.3. The DDC has several attractive characteristics. It is simple and easy to use. It has the capability to expand and be updated in order to organize library materials by subjects on the open shelves, etc. The application of DDC is an opportunity for the standardization of the entire Vietnamese library system. Once we have a unified classification, we can move forward to standardize on the MARC format, subject headings, keywords, etc.

    1.4. With the proper application of the DDC, we would be able to correct mistakes, gaps, and misnomers in Vietnamese classification in the social and political disciplines. This is an important opportunity for our libraries to participate in and to introduce the Vietnamese culture and people to the world most effectively.

    2. In order to have a base for the classification of all formats of library materials, the delegates agreed unanimously on the translation of the Unabridged DDC 21 (21st ed.). After a Vietnamese translation of the DDC is completed, the next step would be to evaluate, adapt, and improve the "Vietnamese DDC".

    3. The application of DDC to the classification of library materials in Vietnam is an important undertaking. It will serve as a tool for teaching and research in library schools in Vietnam. However, the application of the DDC to the organization of library materials is the principal intention. Therefore, the delegates urged the Library Department to work with the copyright owner of the original version of DDC and ask them to let us modify the DDC schemes somewhat in order to reflect our Vietnamese socio-political system. The Department of Library can assure the copyright owner that the modification of DDC will not compromise the hierarchical system of DDC.

    4. The Delegates recommended that the Ministry of Culture and Information consider the establishment of the following committees:

    4.1. The Steering Committee. This Committee should be a combination of the delegates from the four main library systems in Vietnam. It is suggested that the Ministry of Culture and Information support such tasks by providing a budget, working together with the main key members in Vietnam and abroad, evaluating the final work and then publishing it in Vietnam.

    4.2. The Translation Committee This Committee should be a combination of the people who have good skills in the English language and experiences with the library classification. It is also necessary to recruit Vietnamese abroad who are experts in the field to become involved in this task. It is suggested that the Ministry of Culture and Information assign the National Library of Vietnam the role of organizing the translation process, and overseeing the application of the DDC in the Vietnamese libraries.

    4.3. The Advisory Committee to advise the Steering Committee. This Committee should be a combination of the experts on library classification and experts on socio-political aspects of Vietnam. Members should have good skills in the English language in order to do the revision of the translated works. These members should also be able to understand the DDC for evaluation and modification. It is advisable to invite the library experts from outside Vietnam to join this Advisory Committee (on the basis of volunteering their labor to help the development of library in Vietnam).

    4.4. The financial sources for organizing, translating, researching, and modifying the application the DDC should be a combination of:

  • Government: Funding for the project should be derived from the budget of the Government of Vietnam. The Ministry of Culture and Information should administer the project.

  • Outside support: Attempt to gain financial support from individuals, philanthropists and international organizations/associations.
  • The first "Seminar on the Translation of the Dewey Decimal Classification and The Research on Its Application to the Organization of the Library Materials in Vietnam" was very productive. Its work will be historically significant and very important to the development of the professional goals of the Vietnamese library system. To achieve our goals, it was suggested that library leaders should pursue this with their colleagues on an on-going basis. The Library Department should suggest to the leaders of the Ministry of Culture and Information that a second seminar be organized at the ministerial level in order to solve the key issue here: The need to apply the DDC classification in the Vietnamese Libraries.

    Thank you all, delegates.

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    Translated into English language by Nguyen Thi Nga and Pham Thi Le-Huong (LEAF-VN members), from Electronic Newsletter, Library Society, Ho Chi Minh City, No. 3/2000 with permission from the Newsletter's Editor, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hiep. (4/15/00) (http://www.hcmuns.edu.vn/GLIB0001/clb/bt2000/ht-dichdewey.html)

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