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    • Dear LEAFers,

      During my September trip to Cambodia and Vietnam for the Library of Congress, Mr. PHam The Khang, Director of the NLV and Mr. Nguyen Trong Phuong (the person who works for LEAF-VN for the village library project) and a couple of the NLV staff members took me to visit the best village library in Vietnam, the Xa Tam Hong Village Library [THU VIEN LANG XA TAM HONG].

      Ms. Nguyen Thi Luyen, the library volunteer, and a few former volunteers together with the Head of the Village welcome our group. The chief and assistant chief of the Vinh Phuc Province Library (Xa Tam Hong is within Vinh Phuc Province) accompanied our group.

      The LEAF-VN village library project was completed for 1 year (August 2006-August 2007) thanks to the excellent works by Mr. Nguyen Trong Phuong. Mr. Phuong sent me reports, photos, and receipts of books and magazines for this project every other week. As you recall, the project budget was $10,000. [I am working to find funding for this project for fiscal 2008]

      Attached is the report by Ms. Nguyen Thi Luyen, a volunteer for this library for the salary of $5 a month. The VN government does not fund village libraries yet. This is the best village library of the country. This year, 78 students of the village passed exams to get into Hanoi universities. THEY ASKED LEAF-VN for a PC ABOUT $500. [Sorry the scanning missed one last page of the names of students who passed exams to get into Hanoi universities]. This library was the only place in the village where village high school students (the village has all three levels of high school) come to study!

      If you think you can contribute to this $500 budget to buy a PC for the XA TAM HONG village library, please let me know.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Lien Huong
      October 2007

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