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LEAF-VNís CAARC2 Workshops:
Vietnameseís Modest Step toward International Cataloguing Standards
(by Binh P. Le, Associate Librarian, Penn State, Abington)

Following the donation of

Hanoi, 5-Jul-04
1,800 copies of The Concise AACR2, 1988 revision (CAACR2) to Vietnamese libraries by the Library and Education Foundation for Vietnam (LEAF-VN) in 2003, Ms. Lien-Huong Fiedler, President of LEAF-VN and Mr. Pham The Khang, Director of Vietnamís National Library and Vietnamís public library system worked together to design a series of library workshops on CAACR2 for Vietnamese library professionals.

Originally, LEAF-VN put together a sizable team of instructors, many of whom are cataloguing librarians at the Library of Congress. However, due to LEAF-VNís inability to secure the needed funds from charitable organizations, only two Vietnamese American

Hanoi, 5-Jul-04
cataloguing librarians traveled to
Vietnam to conduct the workshops this past summer. (The expenses for these workshops were paid for by donations mostly from Vietnamese expatriates.)

The two-member team included Ms. Le-Huong Pham, a founding member of LEAF-VN, co-translator of the AACRII, and cataloguing librarian at the Modesto Junior College, California,

National Univ. 12-Jul-04
and Ms. Ngoc-My Guidarelli, a cataloguing librarian at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia. The team held its first weeklong workshop at
Vietnamís National Library where 120 library professionals working in public and research libraries throughout North Vietnam attended.

National Univ, 15-Jul-04

The second workshop, at the request of Mr. Nguyen Huy Chuong, Director of Library of Library and Information Center (LIC) of Hanoi National University of Vietnam and President of the Northern Academic Library Association (NALA) was held at the Library of Vietnamís National University. Over 100 academic library professionals attended the second workshop. The last workshop was held at the Ministry of Culture and Information Office IIís Conference Room (Van Phong II cua Bo Van Hoa Thong Tin tai (TP HCM) in Ho Chi Minh City. According to the newspaper Lao Dong, as many as 200 library professionals representing 120

HCM City, 9-Aug-04
academic and public libraries from all over
South Vietnam participated. These three one-week long workshops received good coverage in Vietnamís leading newspapers such as the Nhan Dan (Peopleís Daily), Lao Dong (Labor) and Thanh Nien (Youth).

This series of library workshops was not the first ones conducted in Vietnam. Indeed, in the last several years the Vietnamese library leadership, in its attempt to join the international library community, has invited many Western library experts to conduct library workshops aimed at exposing Vietnamese library professionals, who are still using Russian and Eastern European library practices, to the Anglo-American library principles and practices most noticeably cataloguing. The LEAF-VNís CAACR2 workshops, conducted in Vietnamese, have further broadened the Vietnamese library professionalsí understanding of the Anglo-American form of librarianship.

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